Online Counseling (aka TeleTherapy, TelePsychology, TeleMentalHealth) is the delivery of mental health services via secure online video.   I am now affiliated with and --both online platforms that provide secure, reliable, and HIPAA compliant online video services and connects mental health providers with clients.


CHOICE - You are not limited to seeing a therapist near your home or workplace.
SAVINGS - You save on office travel expenses, childcare, and time.
PRIVACY -  You choose from where to connect and conduct your session.
CONVENIENCE - No office visits.  Fitting an appointment into your day is more simple.


A number of studies have yielded the following findings about the efficacy of Online Counseling, for instance:

1.  There was a reduction in hospital visits for those patients who chose online counseling - Psychiatric Services, April 2012

2.  Online Counseling was slightly more effective at treating depression than face-to-face couseling - Journal of Affective Disorders, 2013

3.  Internet-based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy helped reduced symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, with effects that lasted beyond the end of treatment  - American Journal of Psychiatry, Nov., 2007

Further studies are being conducted every year that help establish the efficacy and benefits of online counseling.  The future is here.  The benefits are real.

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Dr. Jorge J. Asturias, PsyD, Inc.Dr. Jorge J. Asturias, PsyD, Inc.