Forensic Psychology

Forensic Psychology is the interface between Psychology and the Law.  It is the application of psychological principles to the legal arena.  As such, it encompasses interactions with myriad agencies of the legal system, including the courts (family, civil, and criminal), law-enforcement, and prisons.  Specific services include, but are not limited to, expert witness, consultation, and criminal profiling.

My background in Forensic Psychology developed as both a Psychologist and Law-Enforcement Officer during seven-years of employment in the prison system.  Professional duties involved providing clinical and forensic services to inmates and law-enforcement personnel. 

I provide the following forensic and clinical services to agencies and individuals:

  •    Psychotherapy for Law-Enforcement Officers
  •    Police Agency Consultations and Education
  •    Traumatic Incident Debriefing
  •    Hostage Negotiation
  •    Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Management
  •    Counseling for Victims of Crime
  •    Psychotherapy for Sex Offenders and Victims
  •    Divorce Mediation