Help for Veterans

I am now affiliated with the Center for Deployment Psychology (CDP) and Star Behavioral Health Providers (SBHP) services, two agencies dedicated to preparing mental health professionals to provide evidence-based and culturally relevant care to military members and their families.  As a mental healthcare provider and Psychologist I have chosen to focus a part of my private practice to working with Military Service Members, Veterans, and their families.  The decision demands a committment to strive for a better understanding of the Warrior Ethos that includes an agreement to uphold the customs and values of the military culture.  One of the biggest barriers that you must overcome as a Service Member or Veteran is that of stigma.  For Warriors to seek help is an anathema to the Warrior Ethos.  Healthcare providers who comprehend and respect this can, in fact, help reduce the experience of stigma.  In serving military culture members, it has been my intent to learn and understand how military values and ideals impact patients, to create an individualized, supportive, and non-judgmental approach, and to nurture a strong patient-provider alliance.

Throughout my career I have had the opportunity to serve and develop expertise in working with the military culture.  I was employed as a Staff Psychologist and Law  Enforcement Officer with the Department of Justice and the Federal Prison system. While there I worked alongside correctional officers with military backgrounds, Veterans, and those in the active reserves.  I was an active team member with them in the prison's Disturbance Control Team, a Hostage Negotiator and a self-defense instructor.  Moreover, through my affiliation with the CDP and SBHP, I participated in and completed a Four Tier certification training over two years geared at addressing the psychological needs of military culture.  I have been using this knowledge and skill set in private practice with a number of past and present military and veteran clients.

I am honored to be in a position to assist military personnel and their families through my profession.  Please contact me to discuss your situaion, to have a consultation, or to simply "check in".

Your sacrifice is noble and your service is greatly appreciated. Dr. Asturias.

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