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Psychotherapy develops or unfolds in a typical manner. The initial session is considered a consultation or a clinical assessment; its purpose is to identify your personal psychological needs as well as to formulate treatment objectives. In subsequent sessions, you and I will work together to develop a therapeutic relationship, begin to address your concerns and needs, and move towards meeting our clinical goals.

Although psychological interventions and theories may vary from one clinician to another, the majority of professionals in the field would agree that the most salutory factor in psychotherapy is the doctor-patient relationship. Issues such as age, culture, gender, language, and others, are critical considerations in selecting a Psychologist. Therefore, it is imperative that you sense or are able to, in time, develop a trusting professional relationship with your doctor. It is also important that you feel comfortable with the clinical setting and ambience.

My principal goal is to provide you with clinical care of the highest standard as well as to create an environment that facilitates comfort, trust, exploration, and growth.

Jorge J. Asturias, Psy.D.

Dr. Jorge J Asturias, PsyD Inc.

Dr. Jorge J. Asturias, PsyD, Inc.
Dr. Jorge J. Asturias, PsyD, Inc.